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At the start of school year 2006-07, I visited Savannah, Georgia taking on a teaching position during a family visit.  On September 11, I first witnessed “hitting” in classrooms done by teachers, as a sanctioned form of student punishment.

Telling the principal made no difference for these children.  Nor did telling her supervisor, that person’s superior, the superintendent, the mayor of this city and finally their public school attorney--where I was finally informed, “This is what we do here.”

I deeply regret that for more than a quarter century, I unknowingly served a system that sanctioned forms of student punishment that science had long since concluded to be harmful to a developing human being in EVERY way.

20 US states and its territories allow teachers to beat the children in their care.  The primary targets are Black boys, black girls, Latinos, Native Americans, white low-income students, those having autism, cognitive delays and physical disabilities and students who are “openly” gay.  

The roots of this form of “pain-based behavior management” used in our American classrooms can be traced to the mindset of ole slave massa’, “This is what you’re gonna get if you don’t listen!”

Our organization, The Hitting Stops Here!, began the minute I shook hands with the public school attorney and stepped out of his office. 

The primary mission of this campaign is to have American school corporal punishment banned in ALL U S states and its territories, replacing these practices with 21st century proven positive discipline models—those that are presently being used by informed responsible, caring educators.

We urge fellow Americans to read the first five pages of the three most recent, compelling and professional reports on this topic.  They are the GAO, ACLU and UC Davis Law Review located at the top of our Home page.

Please visit our “Support Us” link, also found at the top of our Home page, to learn what you can do to help us close this dark chapter of American history for our children; or send us an email.

Please see photos and learn what experts have to say on this subject by visiting the following links:

Photos of American school corporal punishment related injuries:

What the experts say:

Positive Discipline:

Our American school children are ready for a change that does not lead to first aid, adult depression or the cycle of abuse.

Thank you,

Paula Flowe, Director
The Hitting Stops Here!
A campaign for teaching kindness and respect in schools everywhere.
A campaign for teaching kindness and respect in schools everywhere.

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